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OpenLR™ - Documents

The whitepaper describes the complete system on a technical basis. It includes the description of the logical data format specification and also its binary representation. The whitepaper exposes the encoding as well as the decoding procedures and it gives an abstract example how the method can be used. The document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Outdated versions can be found in the old downloads section.

OpenLR™ - Whitepaper
PDF-file, version 1.5
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Errata, published: 2012-01-19
(Refers to the OpenLR™ Whitepaper v1.5)
License conditions
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In connection with the open source software and subject to the terms of the Apache version 2 open source license, users of OpenLR™, which accepts, a non-exclusive, non-royalty bearing, free license are granted to use the following OpenLR trademark.

OpenLR™ - Logo
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The OpenLR™ system is also outlined in-depth in the following documents. The presentation "OpenLR™ - Introduction" provides an overview of OpenLR™ on a business level. It also shows some technical insights and serves as a good start to inform about OpenLR™ and its purpose.

Note: The figures on success rates are outdated and have improved after some improvements to the method.

Presentation: OpenLR™ - Introduction
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