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OpenLR™ - Map package

The map package consists of the map interface and tools being used by the OpenLR™ encoder and decoder. The user of this package needs to implement the required methods and needs to translate the internal data structure to the OpenLR™ map interface. If the map should be viewable with the OpenLR™ MapViewer then some optional methods also needs to be implemented.

The map interface consists of the Java interfaces: The package also defines two enumerations: The map package also defines interfaces for loading the map data. These interfaces can be used to make the map data available for other applications like the OpenLR MapViewer. The map load can be parameterized using map load parameter. These parameter can be of type "File", "Directory" or "String". The map loader needs to handle the parameters correctly and it returns the map database.

Additionally this package provides utility classes which deals with The following table summarizes the map package related links on this website.

The map software package can be downloaded in the software section. Download
Accessing the map package with Maven Maven access
Map package reports generated by Maven Reports
Map package API documentation API