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OpenLR™ - Test data

TomTom provides free map samples as a relational database using SQLite. The table schema is a simple design of three tables (directed LINES, NODES, METADATA) and is illustrated in the following picture. Note: The GEOM blob contains the shape of the line in WKB format (well known binary) in the form of a "LineString". A free software library for creating such binary codes is the JTS Topology suite.

SQLite table schema

Available map samples include the following areas and map releases:

The differences between the two map releases in the Utrecht area are outlined in the following animated picture.

Comparison of the releases 2007.07 vs. 2008.04

Access to the map samples is governed by a "click-through" Evaluation License Agreement.

Download (a new window with the Evaluation License will open)

Map sample access

To access the physical map database an adapter implementation is required that provides the OpenLR™ map interface on it. TomTom provides one implementation of such Java library that enables the OpenLR™ en-/decoder components to use TomTom Digital Maps for location referencing. The map data must be stored in an SQLite database which complies to the above illustrated schema. This package includes the implementation of the map loader interface which is required to visualize the map in the
MapViewer tool or to encode and decode on it via the OpenLR™ command line toolkit.

The implementation uses Java version 6 and is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.

The "tt-sqlite" library makes use of several other libraries. Therefore we recommend to use the "with-dependencies" package where all required libraries are included.

Database Access Layer
Provided for accessing the map samples tt-sqlite-1.4.2.jar